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About Shopemaa

Shopemaa is an all-in-one SaaS platform for online businesses. At Shopemaa, our mission is to solve retail pain points for small businesses. We do this by providing a powerful yet easy-to-use cloud-based eCommerce platform, which gives businesses the control, choice and flexibility they need at an affordable price. We value your business and it’s important for us that you succeed.

The Start

In 2020, Sakib, the founder of Shopemaa, embarked on the development of an ecommerce platform. Having previously worked as a Software Engineer in several startups, Sakib recognized the escalating demand for headless commerce and decided to pursue this venture as a side project.

The Launch

Shopemaa was originally introduced to the market on May 31st, 2021 under the name LiveMart. Following its initial launch, we successfully attracted our first group of paying customers. Their invaluable feedback prompted us to reimagine and improve our platform, leading to the relaunch of LiveMart as Shopemaa on September 25th, 2022, on Product Hunt. We have finished as #5 Product of the Day.

The Mission

Shopemaa’s mission is to create a comprehensive eCommerce platform for small businesses, offering everything from simple online store building to social commerce, customized storefronts, and advertising capabilities all in one place.

“Shopemaa” meaning

Shopemaa is a fusion of “Shop” and “Maa” (which means Land/Earth/World in Estonian), with the addition of “e” for improved pronunciation. In essence, Shopemaa represents a realm of diverse shops.

Our domains

  • shopemaa.com

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