Manage your online business on the go.

Shopemaa is the most advanced ecommerce platform in the market with online store and headless API.

  • 30 days free trial
  • Headless API
  • Static or dynamic storefront(website)

Most advanced features

Use Shopemaa to grow your online business.

Prebuilt Storefront

Shopemaa provides prebuilt storefronts. Using storefronts you can create your online store in minutes with SSL & CDN backed subdomain on You can also connect custom domain.

Headless API

Headless eCommerce API lets you connect your customer from different clients (ie: Mobile, Web, Desktop) to give them best experience. You can build your storefront with any frontend technology (ie: VueJS, ReactJS, Android, iOS). Shopemaa takes care of everything and keeps in sync.

Payment Gateway Integration

Shopemaa provides integration with top payment gateways (ie. Stripe, SSLCommerz). So you can Automatically collect payments by credit and debit card, bank transfer and more.


3 Main Reason to Choose us.

It takes literally less than 5 minutes to set up a store using prebuilt storefront and start receiving orders.

We have mobile responsive dashboard, so you can manage your store from desktop & mobile.

You may always want to do your company's branding as per your choice. We give you that flexibility. Create your own skin to match your brand. You can take help from us, or you can hire someone else you know to create your very own storefront.


3 simple steps to launch.

Join our platform

Signup, choose a subscription or enjoy free trial.

Manage your store

Create your store and add products to the inventory.

Start selling

Create a storefront, share your URL on your social media and start receiving orders.

Manage or ask your customers to access your store from mobile

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Shopemaa is part of Stripe Climate

We contribute 1% of our revenue to carbon removal.
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Question & Answer

We've built an order management system for you. Simply log in to your account, goto dashboard, and you'll be able to manage your orders, see your earnings, add products, and more!

You can fully customize how you wish to be paid. We support all payment methods from credit cards to bank transfer.

Literally less than 5 minutes! You can get started right away.

Anyone can use Shopemaa from anywhere in the world!